About Us..

Learn about The Geiger Counter's contributors and creators below!


Glenn Luty

Creator of The Geiger Counter, Glenn was an avid listener to podcasts when he desperately wanted to get into the conversation. So he decided to start his own! In 2015 Glenn finally began the count!

Glenn loves film, television, music, and comic books. Glenn loves to play the guitar and composed the original theme of The Geiger Counter "Fire".

Glenn's favorite film is JAWS. Favorite comic is Batman. Favorite television show is Scrubs (this changes daily though). 



Lindsey Luty

Co-host and Glenn's main squeeze, Lindsey is the voice of reason and navigates the crazy waters that can be The Geiger Counter! Don't let this fool you, she's no slouch with her knowledge of comics, film, and music!

When she is not taming the show, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and grooming the heir to The Geiger Counter...their son Caleb. 

Lindsey's favorite film is Father of the Bride (1991). Favorite comic is Iron Man. Favorite television show is Psych and/or anything British! Favorite composer is John Williams.