Top Gun 2?




The Need!

I was 8 years old when the original Top Gun was released in theaters. "I grew up as an Air Force Brat" and as such I was enamored with wanting to be a fighter pilot when I was young. Several of my school mates fathers actually were fighter pilots! This film for a young kid had everything: Air Combat, humor, a sex scene I truly didn't understand as a kid, and a deep friendship between two men. Of course as I grew older Top Gun became a joke for those not secure with their sexuality as they would hint that there was tension between Ice Man and Maverick. Perhaps there was, who knows? But what I still take away from this film is that it was a fun look into something most people on the planet don't get to see!

So the question is, will this be as good at an older age as the original? Perhaps, perhaps not. Tom Cruise is still a great actor with just a slew of blockbusters under his belt. Still doing his own stunts and making hit after hit despite the very odd Katie Holmes period and people dogging him about his religion. I choose to believe this will be a great film because Tom is a pilot and has had over 30 years to come back to the role that truly made him famous.

If there is anything that worries me it is that perhaps the soundtrack will be jarring. Top Gun had a great 80's soundtrack headed up by Kenny Loggins and included some notable others such as Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine. I am certain they will be using the same score so there will be a bit of nostalgia to the film. 

Will it be good? Will the dynamic be there buzzing the tower and singing "You've lost that loving feeling"? I truly hope so because with the Star Wars franchise dwindling I would love to see a call back to my childhood actually done well!